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Our Mission


We are a Service-disabled Veteran-owned business headquartered in the Atlanta area, with an additional office located in Orlando, Florida. Our team employs a relentless approach to solving security issues for small and medium-sized businesses. Leveraging our international experience as former Special Agents, Green Berets, and Intelligence Officers, we specialize in identifying, analyzing, and mitigating the hidden threats that these organizations may face.


We deliver world-class security solutions that provide organizations the peace of mind they deserve.

Small and medium-sized businesses frequently believe that robust security measures are costly and unnecessary. We beg to differ.

In reality, these Soft Targets are exposed to a range of potential threats, including security breaches and theft, active assailants, and workplace violenceā€”most going undetected until it is too late.

With 30+ years of combined domestic and international security experience, we offer practical security solutions and a comprehensive view of these hidden dangers.

Our belief is that everyone deserves to feel safe and secure, and waiting for danger to strike is never an option.

Start protecting your organization with these services today:

  • Physical Security Assessments
  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Executive Security Solutions

To meet the ongoing security needs of small to medium-sized businesses, we offer Physical Security Risk Management packages. Protect your organization each month with expert counsel, robust security plans, and more.

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Our Mission Is To Give Small To Medium-Sized Organizations Peace of Mind By Delivering World-Class Security Solutions
GA License # PDSC001720 FL License # A 3200127.

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