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Safe Haven Risk Management considers most small to medium-sized organizations to be “Soft Targets.” Meaning they have little, if any, security measures in place.

See how our solutions provide you security peace-of-mind and start protecting your people, physical assets, and property today.

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Our mission: Delivering world-class security solutions that ensure peace of mind. With 30+ years of global experience, we offer organizations a complete view of potential threats and provide dependable solutions that mitigate the risk of those threats, like active assailants and workplace violence, before it’s too late.
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You’re a small business, meaning you’re a Soft Target. Start protecting your organization today with our Physical Security Risk Management Packages.

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Stay informed with the latest security strategies from industry experts so that your organization is always at the forefront of safety know-how.
May 23, 2024
When Fire and Fury Become a Threat to the Community

Many communities face challenges from those with malicious intent, including the threat of ramming and the use of fire as a weapon. While these may not seem like typical weapons, vehicles and fire can cause serious harm and disruption, and it only takes one attack to bring down the places we know and love. Attacks […]

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May 10, 2024
Securing Your Business After Dark with Remote Monitoring Solutions

When the sun sets, the cover of darkness unfortunately brings with it more serious crime. Theft and vandalism are just the start of the security risks many businesses face. Let’s discuss how expert security measures and remote monitoring solutions can fortify your organization against these threats. Understanding Your Nighttime Risks Many small businesses (retail spaces, […]

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April 29, 2024
Crisis-Proofing Your Small Business with Smart Planning

A majority of employees say that their physical security at work is important to them, but how many feel prepared to handle emergencies? Safeguard your small business by knowing the dangers of these emergencies and get our best practices to improve your readiness. The Reality of the Dangers According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, […]

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