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Safe Haven Risk Management considers most small to medium-sized organizations to be “Soft Targets.” Meaning they have little, if any, security measures in place.

See how our solutions provide you security peace-of-mind and start protecting your people, physical assets, and property today.

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Our mission: Delivering world-class security solutions that ensure peace of mind. With 30+ years of global experience, we offer organizations a complete view of potential threats and provide dependable solutions that mitigate the risk of those threats, like active assailants and workplace violence, before it’s too late.
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You’re a small business, meaning you’re a Soft Target. Start protecting your organization today with our Physical Security Risk Management Packages.

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Stay informed with the latest security strategies from industry experts so that your organization is always at the forefront of safety know-how.
April 15, 2024
How to Be Your Own Executive Protection Agent when Traveling for Business

Many hats are required of the modern-day CEO and small business owner, including The Company Traveler. Remember that your security is of the utmost importance while traveling to that next conference or summer trade show. You likely carry sensitive information and one wrong move can give those with bad intentions just what they need to […]

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March 30, 2024
Protecting Your Small Business from Internal Threats with Due Diligence

We know that your small business is your passion project. It's that coffee you skipped to rush to a meeting, the family dinner you missed to balance the books, and the vacations you postponed for just one more launch. Every new hire you make into this built-from-scratch business is like handing over a key to […]

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March 15, 2024
A Business Owner's Guide for Enhanced Security in Open-Plan Offices

Transitioning your team into an open-plan office is an exciting adventure. The spacious layout boosts team camaraderie and the welcoming environment gives you the perfect space to collaborate. Unfortunately, every pro has its con when it comes to keeping these areas secure, as an open-plan setup brings unique security challenges to your table. Extending beyond […]

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