Security Consulting Services

Identifying your risks and managing their impact through intelligence.

Security Vulnerability Assessments

Providing Target Analysis (Analyzing an asset from the offensive perspective) and Vulnerability Assessments (Assessing security vulnerabilities facing an asset from the defensive perspective) using methodology employed by U.S. Special Operations Forces and the U.S. Intelligence community--delivering quantitative and qualitative outcomes. The result will be a comprehensive security countermeasures recommendation and report.

Security Program Assessments

Safe Haven will study and evaluate an existing security system (Security Policies and Procedures, Emergency Planning, Crisis Response, Business Continuity, and Cyber/Technical Security) to determine weaknesses or points of failure, and will provide security countermeasures advice.

Stand-In CSO

If you do not have a Chief Security Officer at your organization, Safe Haven will provide an on-call Risk Manager – available to address security issues (via phone and email). Stand-in CSOs will review current security policy and procedures, assist in the development of security policy and procedure, and monitor security programs and projects.