Security Education We use our unique global security experiences as a foundation to develop training for your security teams.

With protective experience forged around the globe, we help identify and mitigate risks that could impact your safety and well-being.

Executive Travel Awareness:

Business travel is prone to security, safety and health risks.
Travelers often face heightened attention from hostile actors with the tools, resources, and motives to cause harm. The ever-present threat of kidnapping, threats to digital devices and illness top the list.

Having travelled the globe in direct support of the U.S. national security strategy, Safe Haven risk Management professionals have developed a keen sense of sense of safety when travelling. They can share their best practices with your organizations’ travelers, enabling them to stay safe, healthy and ALIVE.

EP Training:

Whether they are high net worth individuals, corporate executives, or other specially designated people, we help you to be able to provide a protective bubble. Drawing on global security experience, our past protectees include former secretaries of state, several Foreign Ministers visiting the U.S., numerous U.S. Ambassadors, and scores of diplomats in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. We incorporate unique global security experiences as a foundation in order to develop training for your security teams.

  • Do you need to assemble a protective security team?
  • Do you have a team the needs refresher training?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, reach out. In coordination with you, Safe Haven Risk Management will develop a customized training plan for your team.

Protective Intelligence:

All violent actors – kidnappers, armed robbers, insurgents, disgruntled former employees, and lone wolves alike, will conduct some level of preoperational surveillance. Unfortunately for them, this is the part of the attack cycle in which they are most likely to be detected by counter surveillance personnel.

We’ve conducted counter surveillance operations all over the world; from New York to SW Asia. We can train your security professionals and help identify threats to your principal before something disastrous occurs.